The Tesla and the Dune Buggy: Lifestyle Contrasts or a Life in Common?

Unlike a lot of real estate service providers, we don’t work with just anyone.

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled up to a red light behind a brand new, shiny white, Tesla. And when I say brand new, it looked fresh off the lot… Dealer plates… Impeccably clean. The sun’s reflection off its chrome accents violently pierced my personal space. Deeply tinted windows blocked any way to identify its occupants. It was flawless. Not a speck of dust—or even a watermark. Truly striking.

One lane to the left, directly adjacent, a dirty old lime green dune buggy growled and belched. It was reminiscent of an era long past—right out of the movie Dazed and Confused. The kit car was sun-faded, with a broken taillight and consumed by rust. “What a contrast,” I chuckled to myself. “Must have been built from a VW circa 1978!”

I remember wanting one of those kits myself as a 17-year-old; and I marveled at the stark contrast between the two lifestyle vehicles sitting side-by-side through the frame of my windshield. Obviously, the dune buggy had no tinted glass. Its bearded, deeply tanned driver was sitting in the open air—happily exposed to the Southern California sunshine as he rhythmically revved the timeworn Volkswagen engine to prevent the inevitable stall. Classic rock blared as his head bobbed in time; and it was all synched with each rev on the gas pedal. This guy was all in.

As we all sat through a seemingly endless red light, I could not help but consider what different worlds these two drivers share. Given all the diversity we’re experiencing in politics these days, the sight was truly symbolic.

The buggy captain was obviously happy with his place in life—or at least at this moment he was. An older man on the sidewalk strolled by, called out to him and waved… Not sure if they knew each other… He could have been complaining about the noise and wafting gray emissions the outdated kit car was producing. Nevertheless, the dune buggy driver waved back happily. His unkempt, salt and pepper hair was overgrown and wavy—covering his ears. A big toothy smile and old school Ray Bans in filled his weathered, middle aged profile. He was clearly in his element as he threw a peace sign back to his observer and shook his fist as if to say “Right on brother!”

I smiled at this reaction; and seeing his positive energy was uplifting. Although there was no way to penetrate the opaque window tint on the Tesla, I couldn’t help but wonder what its driver thought of this display. Was he (or she) as happy and content as the buggy driver? Was he annoyed by the smog, sights and sound of fossil-fuel enslavement to his left? Or perhaps, maybe—just maybe—he was envious of a simpler life past?

It’s been said that the more “success” people realize, the more complicated life becomes. Maybe the Tesla driver paid cash for that ride. Or, perhaps he’s locked into a very expensive lease payment that he deeply regrets ever signing up for. Who knows?

Bottom line, life is a gift—for all of us—no matter what our economic class, religious beliefs or political convictions. The treasure of happiness can be found in everyone we meet and everything we do–if we are open to it.  There is opportunity to embrace a common thread between all of us: our humanity.  I wish more people would take a step back, lighten up on the political ideologies, and celebrate that! We are all blessed to share this very small window of time together. And the smallest expressions of kindness and gratitude can be contagious.

In real estate transactions, as with all transactions, there is always room for a win-win. One of my core beliefs in business dealings—and all relationships for that matter—is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 2+2=7. That’s why we choose our clients so carefully. We won’t work with just anyone. Life is too short.

Negotiations can be tough, but they can be rewarding at the same time. At the end of the day, no transaction is fully satisfying—to either party—unless both parties win a fair deal. That’s our Golden Rule philosophy. And that’s how we do business.

Before we take any listings, we spend some quality time getting to know our prospective clients to make sure they are a good fit for us.  And we never bring a listing agreement to a first meeting.  That’s because we are here to serve you, not sell you.

If you share this philosophy, and we connect, Gerard Property Group will bring you representation of the highest caliber. Please contact us here if you would like to arrange an initial consultation–or even meet up for a cup of coffee.

Yes, given the right perspective, the Dune Buggy and the Tesla can indeed share a life in common.