Buying A Home?

At Gerard Property Group, we pride ourselves on making the home buying process as efficient and rewarding as possible. When you begin to look for a new property, you are embarking on a complex venture that means taking into consideration everything from off-market listings to mortgage rates and zoning restrictions. It’s imperative that you have professionals on your side who understand your exact needs and have exceptional knowledge of the industry.

When helping you buy a home, Gerard Property Group will:

  • Review your wants, needs, and location desires.
  • If needed, make introductions to seasoned loan officers.
  • Guide you through all potential homes.
  • Prepare and submit purchase offers on your behalf.
  • Estimate settlement costs associated with each contract.
  • Negotiate with the seller and their agent.
  • Coordinate inspections and walk-throughs of the property.
  • Communicate the status of your transaction while in escrow.
  • Deliver your keys to your new home.
  • We’ll even help you even help you move in, if needed!
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